Multi-Level & Raised Patio Builders

Elite Landscapes & Pavers, Inc. has a systematic design and build process that results in high quality functional patio design installations. Our team evaluates all aspects of the yard along with the client’s wish list to develop a perfect design that meets expectations and stays within a budget.

Here at Elite we believe a patio is an extension of your indoor space. A typical patio design includes a few different areas consisting of the following:

Dining Area:

This area should be able to fit an 8-12 person to table depending family size on how you entertain.

Outdoor Kitchen Space:

A custom area that brings your outdoor cooking to an entirely new level. An outdoor kitchen space can be designed many different ways to combine various outdoor appliances such as: drop-in BBQs, stainless steel drawers, fridges, side burners, sinks, smokers, pizza ovens, and much more.  Visit our Outdoor Kitchens page for additional details.

Outdoor Living Space:

This is a space to allow for an outdoor couch set. You will also often see an outdoor living space with either a fire pit or fireplace.

These three spaces can be combined to sit on one level or multiple levels of your new backyard. We will discuss these options in your initial consultation.

We build many types of patios, including flat, pool, and raised patios:

  • Flat Patio: This patio will sit level to the ground, and it will typically have a set of steps from leading down from the rear door. On average, these patios are the least expensive to construct. You can still include sitting walls, outdoor kitchens, and fire features.
  • Raised Patio: One of the more popular installations is the raised patio. Here, retaining walls raise the space either 1 or more steps above ground level. This style is very often used for homes with more than 3 steps out of the house.
  • Multi-Level Patio: This is the most popular patio design where you can incorporate steps into the patio to create various levels and designated spaces. Here, retaining walls and steps are used to create the various levels. With a multi-level approach, you can use steps to separate a cooking area, dining area, and fire pit space. On average multi-level patios are more expensive.
  • Pool Patio: Also considered a pool deck, this is the patio space surrounding a pool. Patios around a pool are an important aspect when creating a great outdoor living space.
  • Covered Patio: Becoming one of the more popular installations, this patio space incorporates a pavilion or roof over the patio for sun and light rain protection. A covered patio can be incorporated with any of the aforementioned patio types. There are many different size and design options we offer, which we will discuss in your initial consultation.

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