Why is it important to hire a firm with a professional design team and licensed Landscape Architect:

When considering a significant investment, the choice of firm to partner with becomes paramount. It’s crucial to select a team equipped with the right expertise, knowledge base, and experience. While many may tout themselves as “designers”, the level of thought and detail provided by landscape architects is undeniable. As a result, our finished designs are not only buildable but feel as though they are custom fit for the inner workings of your family.

Regrettably, numerous homeowners discover mid-project that their envisioned designs provided by other designers are not truly buildable and the finished product isn’t as feasible as initially promised. This often leads to multiple change orders, unexpected costs, and unnecessary stress.


At Elite, our approach sets us apart. We stand by the philosophy of “Spending more time designing and less time building.” With our in-house Architect leading the design process, rest assured your vision will materialize into a meticulously planned, innovative design ready for construction—minimizing surprises or alterations along the way… Unless of course, there’s room for adding in your dream outdoor kitchen from our original concept!

By partnering with experts in both design and architecture, we can ensure not only a visually appealing outcome but also one that is structurally sound, functional, and compliant with regulations.

Meet Steve our in house NJ Licensed Landscape Architect
Elite is proud to have Steve LeMoine as our in-house NJ LICENSED Landscape Architect.

Steve holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental planning and design from Rutgers University. Graduating with his landscape architecture concentration in 2006, from what was known then as Cook College, he immediately entered the workforce as a Jr Landscape Designer at a local consulting engineering firm. During his time there, Steve worked on a variety of projects from municipal parks and recreational facilities to streetscapes in several urban areas.

In 2010, Steve was eligible to begin testing for his Landscape Architecture license which he received shortly thereafter and has maintained since, through the annual New Jersey American Society of Landscape Architects Convention.

Throughout his 15-year career at the engineering firm, Steve advanced from Junior Landscape Designer to Department Head and eventually left that role in 2020 to become the in-house landscape architect for Elite.

During his years at Elite, Steve has been involved in most projects from design through construction. His take on design is a mix of beauty and function so the finished project is not only next level but also functional for the client’s needs and intended use, making each project unique.

Here are some key reasons why it is crucial to work with professionals in these areas:

  1. Design Expertise: A professional design team will bring creativity, innovation, and experience to the table, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our project while meeting our specific requirements.
  2. Technical Knowledge: Having a licensed Landscape Architect on board ensures expertise in site planning, environmental considerations, drainage solutions, plant selection, and more. Their technical know-how is invaluable in creating sustainable landscapes.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Working with professionals who understand local building codes and zoning regulations reduces the risk of costly mistakes or delays due to non-compliance issues.
  4. Project Efficiency: Collaboration between in-house designers, architects and in-house build crews streamlines the process from concept development to implementation, saving time and resources along the way.

Investing in a firm with a licensed Landscape Architect & design team guarantees quality results tailored to your needs while minimizing risks throughout the project lifecycle.

We invite you to immerse yourself in our unique design journey at Elite. Let’s bring your vision to life seamlessly.

A preliminary call to discuss the project scope and provide insights into our process. This call will serve as a valuable opportunity for us to explore how we can collaborate effectively.
Once we have confirmed that the project aligns with our firm’s expertise, we would like to arrange a site visit to meet with you in person. During the visit, we can walk through the property together and delve into your overall wish list for the project.
We will be sent over a comprehensive design proposal following our initial meeting. This proposal will include two design options for your consideration:

  1. 2D Landscape Architectural Plan
  2. 3D Rendering Package, which encompasses a 2D design along with the rendering.

Furthermore, each of these design packages will come complete with a detailed construction proposal to give you a holistic view of the project scope.

  • Our in-house field technician will be visiting your home to conduct a comprehensive site evaluation. During the visit, we will accurately measure elevations every 10 feet around your property. This crucial step is essential for determining project elevation, drainage solutions, retaining wall requirements, structural components, and water tables, and ensuring alignment with existing elevations.
  • Additionally, we will utilize the Hover App to capture detailed 3D renderings of your home. This innovative tool enables us to document all aspects of your property effectively.
  • Timeline: Typically, the design phase will take around 4-6 weeks depending on the overall scope of the project. During this, we will incorporate your wish list and all the data we have gathered to create a breathtaking yet functional design.
  • Tools & Programs: We utilize a variety of cutting-edge design tools and programs to ensure we deliver top-notch designs in the industry:
    • DynaScape
    • SketchUp
    • Lumion
    • CAD
    • Hover
  • We will be creating a detailed cost proposal for the construction process, customized to meet your budget expectations. By tailoring the project based on our discussions, we aim to ensure alignment with your finances.
  • Additionally, all features and major elements of the project will be individually priced. This breakdown will enable custom budgeting and packaging options for better flexibility in planning.

Our team will be conducting a design presentation for you, which is usually done through ZOOM. This approach aims to involve you in the design process effectively and facilitate any necessary design modifications during our discussion. Additionally, we will take the opportunity to guide you through the proposal and address any questions or concerns you may have. If you selected the 3D design option we will look in detail at different views throughout the project to truly immerse yourself in the finished product before we even put a shovel in the ground.

Our team will work closely with you to finalize the design and build the contract, coordinating small details and installation timeframes.
  • Here is when we will tell you to sit back and relax, our team will take care of all aspects involved, from consulting with engineers and structural teams to liaising with township officials to secure the necessary approvals efficiently.
  • Typically, the entire process from initial development stages to final approval can span 3-6 months. During this time, we will ensure thorough coordination and adherence to all requirements for a successful outcome.
We will invite you to partake in our meticulous and informative material selection process. Utilizing the industry’s leading 3D design technology, along with custom showrooms, we aim to develop a final palette of materials suitable for your project.
  • Here is where we impress you! We will provide you with a detailed construction proposal with the estimated start and completion date. At Elite, we take pride in having some of the industry’s most talented installers on board. Each of our crew leaders has a minimum of 15-20 years experience with us and shares the same passion for excellence as our design team.
  • Our construction team will supply a comprehensive schedule for the project and maintain regular updates throughout its duration. We’ll manage all interactions with inspectors, facilitate the entire process from inception to completion, and even assist in furniture arrangement!

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