Types of Patio Materials

Brick Pavers Create A Superior Patio

The term “hardscape” covers a wide variety of materials and installation types. Examples include patios constructed from brick pavers, consisting of multiple levels, walkways, a driveway, a pool patio, a bar/kitchen area, and outdoor fireplaces. Hardscapes need to flow and fit your property, which is why the right hardscape elements can improve the appearance and value of your property.

A typical patio space is designed with a few different areas, consisting of a dining area, lounge area, cooking area, and if possible, a cozy fireplace or fire pit area. Incorporating the right planting material to soften the hardscapes up against the home will result in an “Elite” outdoor living space.

Brick pavers (interlocking paver systems) are the best materials to install for a multitude of reasons:

Permeable Surface

Easy to Repair

A paver patio is easier to repair compared to concrete, decking, or asphalt where you will see an unattractive patch.

Economically Cheaper

You’ll get a greater return on your investment because a paver patio or driveway can increase a home’s value as much as 7% to 15%.

Flexible System

Freezing and thawing cycles will not cause cracking, as you will see 90% of the time with concrete.

Maintenance- and Hassle-Free


A patio will not raise your taxes like a deck.


A paver patio is extremely durable compared to decking, concrete, or asphalt, which will all deteriorate and crack over time.

More Options

Brick pavers give you more choices for styles, patterns, and colors.

Brick Pavers and Other Patio Materials

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are one of the best materials to use to build patios. Brick pavers are concrete casted stones designed with many styles, sizes, textures, and colors. The options are endless. They are typically priced higher than a concrete patio. However, the price is in line with a stamped concrete patio. Visit our Paver Patio Hardscapes page for more information.

Synthetic Slabs

The industry’s latest style of material. Synthetic slabs are unique in the sense that they are designed to truly mimic natural stone with the advantage of being man made. This allows for all of the advantages of brick pavers, including a limited lifetime warranty. The slabs are large in size with various textures mimicking natural stones, such as bluestone and travertine. Synthetic slabs are priced higher than a brick paver patio, however, they are less expensive than a natural stone patio.


One of the most renowned materials in the industry, bluestone is cut from a mountain and provides the true rustic appearance. Natural Cleft Bluestone is hand spit by experienced craftsmen for a natural look. Thicknesses can vary from one edge of the stone to the other, making this a difficult installation. A second style is Thermal Bluestone, which has a much smoother and consistent surface. The highest price option but will provide the most authentic finish.


Travertine is a type of limestone that goes through a process that leaves a distinctive look to the stone. Typically travertine is lighter in color; tan, brown, and gold tones are very common. The pigment of the stone is acquired by the iron content. This is a popular choice of patio material due to the stone being one of the cooler surface materials available.

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