Consultation & Designs

Elite Landscapes and Pavers treats each job with the utmost importance using custom designs that specifically integrate client preference and budget. Whether the site is large or small, Elite approaches the drawing board with the same mentality. We will walk you through our industry leading installation process, giving you a complete understanding of how a project should be completed. During Elite’s consultation the following factors are taken account of and ultimately play a critical role in determining what we can do for our clients.

We Take Into Account

  • Clients “Wish List”
  • Use of space
  • Budgeting
  • Survey of the property
  • Slope- Elevations
  • Drainage
  • Use of land/difficult spaces
  • Re-Sale Value
  • Impervious Coverage

Elite is equipped with one of the industry’s best Pool and Patio design proforessional who personalizes each of ELITE’S perspective properties’. Autocad (Computer aided design) renderings are employed to determine how space can best be utilized. Our dedicated and skilled staff collaborates with homeowners to create designs composed of allure, function, and sustainability. Creativity fused with experience and knowledge allows Elite to develop your concepts into reality for the ultimate satisfaction and aesthetic appeal.