How is a Gunite Pool Constructed?

Elite’s Construction Process

Step 1 – Design:

As with any project, the key factor to success is a well thought professional design.  Elites philosophy is we should spend more time designing a project and less time building it.  All decisions should be made prior to breaking ground, including all material types. All of our projects are professionally designed using computer aided design (CAD) programs.

Step 1 - Gunite pool construction

Step 2 – Permit Filing:

We will handle developing all of the required engineer drawings and filing of all permits.

Step 3 – Excavation:

Pool is dug and initial frame is set. Surrounding grade is cut and set for future patio space.

Step 3 - Gunite pool construction

Step 4 – Steel:

A steel-reinforcing grid is installed to give your pool superior strength. NO. 4 rebar bent and tied into place to form the shell of the pool.

Step 4 - Gunite pool construction

Step 5 – Plumbing:

2” Rigid PVC piping is used to plumb the pool. Depending the style of pool and features, various plumbing methods will be used to ensure an efficient plumbing system.

Step 5 - Gunite pool construction

Step 6 – Installing Pool Equipment:

Elite only uses the best in pool equipment: Pentair. Typical equipment list:

  • Pool Filter
  • Pool Pump
  • Feature Pumps
  • Pool Heater
  • Pool Cleaner
  • Salt System
  • Electrical Panel
  • Blower Unit
  • Automation System

Step 7 – Pool Coping:

Pool coping is the material that sits on the beams of the pool.  There many types of pool coping options we provide to our clients:

  • Brick Coping
    • EP Henry or Techo Bloc
  • Travertine Coping
    • 6”x12”
    • 24”x12”
    • Radius
  • Bluestone Coping
  • Granite Coping
Step 7 - Gunite pool construction

Step 8 – Pool Tile:

A 6” Frost Proof tile is installed directly below the coping along the perimeter of the pool.

Trim tiles are installed along each step and bench. View Tile Selections

Step 8 - Gunite pool construction

Step 9 – Pool Plaster:

The plaster is the final finish for the pool, this is the coating that is applied over the gunite of the pool prior to the pool being filled with water.

Elite uses the top rated Wet Edge plaster product.

Step 9 - Gunite pool construction